The Shine Brighter Foundation, a registered 501 (c)(3) organization, was created by the warm hearts of Kaite, Diane and Joe Wilczewski with continued loving support of their family and friends.

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Courtney Wilczewski


Courtney Wilczewski is an amazing person that was tragically taken from her family and friends in May of 2015. She was loving, fun, beautiful and so determined to make others happy. For many Courtney’s life would seem too short, but those touched by her love and passion for others understand she lived more than most will ever.

From an early age Courtney volunteered with organizations that helped children and adults with developmental disabilities. It was her goal to positively impact as many people as possible. Courtney considered it an honor and privilege to serve others. She was a fighter when there was an injustice, our little “Norma Rae!” Her empathy and understanding for those who were ill, sad or needed help in any way was as natural as her breathing. There are countless people who would tell you that her way of viewing the world and her role in it was so unique and special, particularly in one so young. Courtney’s words, actions and behaviors always reflected her desires to reach out and help.

At Courtney’s wake her Providence College friends shared a story that embodied Court. She was having a particularly rough day when she and some friends went to the market to get cookie dough to help them feel better. While there she told her friends she wanted to buy flowers for someone she was going to meet for the first time. Courtney paid for the flowers and handed them right back to the cashier. She made the woman’s day. This is a perfect example of no matter how bad a day Courtney was having, she was going to make it a better day for someone else.  

Courtney felt passionate about being an organ donor and signed up as soon as she was 18.  Her final gift of donation helped 133 people. Courtney lives on in others and remains in the hearts of those she loved.



Life without Courtney is extremely difficult.

 In addition to our loss, we miss the little things! The things that made Courtney, Courtney:

Her smile and infectious laugh
Her love and sincere friendships
Her feisty personality
Her texts ending in I Love You even when she was annoyed
Her singing at the top of her lungs and dancing through the house
Her quirky vegetarian choices (Reeses Cups)
Her way of making everyone feel like they were the most important person in her life and so many more treasured and small moments.



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