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Our mission is to inspire and empower people to spread love through random acts of kindness.


Shine Brighter Spotlight

Forever a Friar

The 5 year reunion for the Providence College graduating class of 2014 is being held this weekend (June 1 - June 3). The Shine Brighter team wanted to make sure Courtney was represented during this special occasion as well. With the help of a few volunteers, the Shine Brighter Foundation handcrafted and delivered 500 wear one / share one pins to the campus. Unique to the reunion, one pin for each card was in the school colors with the school logo.

court cap and gown.jpg


Wear One / Share One Pins

The idea came to us after we realized that it was tough for some of us to talk about Courtney. Preparing and mixing the clay and crafting handmade pins during our pin making events made sharing fun stories much easier. Courtney spread love whenever she could, so we thought it would be great to provide a way for others to spread love through random acts of kindness.

We designed perforated cards which allows people to wear one pin and then share one pin– this is done by either passing it along to a stranger, friend or family, or by leaving it randomly on a car, tree, or bench. We have hosted over 20 pin making events for participants aged 3-88 with different abilities, and we can tell you that all of the pins were made with love and proudly shared. It amazes us how beautiful and unique the pins turn out. To date, we have sold/given out over 3,155 pins.

We encourage people to share their story about an experience performing a random act of kindness or being the recipient of a random act of kindness using the hashtag #shinelikecourt.